A good start up camera for Photography portraits

I have heard that just about any DSLR is good for a first time photographer. It has more to do with the imagination of the person behind the camera and the quality of the lens. My first DSLR was the D3500. This is a very good beginner camera. It has all the bells and whistles that will get you totally confused but it helps you learn the different ways to shoot photography, including automatic and manual settings.

To start with I bought a bundle set that included the camera (of course), 2 manual lenses, several filters for the lenses, a small tripod, a cheap flash and few other accessories that are good to have. Many people don’t like the concept of a bundle set because the quality is basic but I on the other hand recommend it and here is why. With the bundle set it gives you options to work on several different types of photography and see what works for you. I know it is not always the easiest thing to learn how to shoot pictures with a manual lens but it forces your eye to see things sharper. You might think that you have it perfectly in focus until you zoom in on the picture and all of a sudden it is blurred. When you take the picture the next time you will work a little bit harder to really adjust the focus until your eye really starts to see what it needs to see, which improves your overall picture taking.

Whatever camera you decide to use, I would recommend that you get a manual that breaks down the camera step by step. I personally got the Nikon D3500 for Dummies. This is a cheap but great investment for the new photographer. It breaks down all the in’s and out’s of the camera and teaches you step by step how to work your DSLR.

Regardless of whether you buy a cheap camera to get started or spend some money to get the top of the line camera, take the time to learn what your camera is all about. The only way to learn about your camera is to take picture after picture after picture. Learn about ISO, f-stop (which I will touch more on later), and anything else that goes with your camera. Basically fall in love with your camera and capture the beauty of the world around you. You don’t have to be a professional to take amazing pictures! Enjoy what you do and live your dreams!

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