Butter Bears Cupcakery, LLC

It always amazes me the beauty that people can make with a cake. It is definitely a true artform. However, when you can make a cake at the last minute for a wedding, then it is even more impressive. That is exactly what Butter Bears Cupcakery, LLC.

While I was there as the wedding photographer, I got to get a little of the back story of the issues that happened with the previous cake maker cancelling at the last minute. Butter Bears Cupcakery, LLC was called upon and they did a fantastic job. The cakes were beautiful and tasted amazing.

If you are ever in the need of a beautiful looking and tasting wedding cake then I would suggest you reach out to Butter Bears Cupcakery, LLC. You can also check out there facebook @butterbearscupcakery or Instagram @butterbearscupcakeryllc.

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