Butter Bears Cupcakery, LLC

It always amazes me the beauty that people can make with a cake. It is definitely a true artform. However, when you can make a cake at the last minute for a wedding, then it is even more impressive. That is exactly what Butter Bears Cupcakery, LLC. While I was there as the wedding photographer,Continue reading “Butter Bears Cupcakery, LLC”

K Carlton Inc.

It is always an adventure as a photographer going into a wedding with an event planner that you have never worked with. You might get someone that is just there for the money or someone that loves doing what they do. The latter was definitely the case for K Carlton Inc based out of Chicago.Continue reading “K Carlton Inc.”

Photography: Is it a picture or a portrait?

What is the difference between a picture of a person and a portrait? I have heard this asked by many different people, and in fact I have asked the same question. Well let’s break it down… The dictionary states a picture is “a visual representation of a person… ” and a portrait is “a likenessContinue reading “Photography: Is it a picture or a portrait?”

A good start up camera for Photography portraits

I have heard that just about any DSLR is good for a first time photographer. It has more to do with the imagination of the person behind the camera and the quality of the lens. My first DSLR was the D3500. This is a very good beginner camera. It has all the bells and whistlesContinue reading “A good start up camera for Photography portraits”

Products and Locations

As time goes on I will be providing product reviews as well as some of the best locations that I have discovered to help you in your photography journey. Let me know what you think! Just remember, Keep it real and live for today!

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